Control Rat Infestation With Organic Solutions

Rat infestation in your home can be the worst thing to happen in any household. Therefore, it will be your topmost responsibility to take care of your house to keep it free from rat infestations. Moreover, regular maintenance can help you in saving a lot of money and time.  Also, you get to know about your house’s condition better than before.

However, if you are already experiencing rat infestation in your home, we have some Organic Solution For Rat Infestation. Therefore, without further delay, let us share with you those organic solutions against rat infestation at home.

Onion And Garlic

Onions and garlic bulbs have proven effects in removing rats from the affected place. For that, you have to take a few pieces of peeled onions and put them in the rat holes. Make sure to remove the onions and replace them with a fresh one every day. The pungent smell of onion is strong enough to make the rats leave your place.

Similar to onion smell, garlic smell can irritate rats too. Therefore, take a portion of chopped onion and mix it well with water. After that, spray the water around the entire house and hole to chase the rats away.

Hot Pepper Flakes

Like humans, rats cannot handle the spiciness of hot pepper flakes. So, make sure to put the pepper flakes right in use. Start with identifying the potential rat-infested areas and possible entrances. Once you identify the areas, spray the pepper flakes all over those areas to get rid of rats.

Mixture Of Plaster Of Paris And Cocoa Powder

Plaster of Paris has the potential to retain water within. Using this characteristic of plaster of Paris and the tasty flavour of cocoa powder, professional pest controllers suggest spraying the mixture all over the areas. The cocoa powder will attract the rats. And once they eat the mixture they will feel dehydrated. As a result, after a while, they will die. If you put a water source far away from the area, they will go out and die outside your home.

Peppermint Oil

Rats carry a strong dislike towards peppermint oil. Therefore, you can use this peppermint oil hack to chase rats away from your home. For that, you have to take a few drops of peppermint oil in a cotton ball and place it in the affected areas. The strong smell of peppermint oil will irritate the rodents to make them forcibly leave your home.

Ammonia Spray

To make this spray you have to get ammonia from your local market. After that, you can take some cotton balls and spray the ammonia solution on them. Then take those balls and put them wherever you have an idea of rat infestation. If there are holes in your home or broken pipeline, you can insert those balls in them. The strong smell will suffocate the rats to death. In case of open rat infestations, they will avoid places with a strong ammonia smell. Even after the rat control, you can put these ammonia balls to maintain the rat-free, sanitized atmosphere at home.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves tend to attract rats. However, once they consume the leaves they start to choke on them, resulting in death. Therefore, you can put some bay leaves here and there to control rat infestation at home.


If you have cloves or clove oil at home, you can put them in use to control rat infestation. For that, all you have to do is take a piece of muslin cloth and put a few pieces of cloves in it, wrap them, and put them all over your home. You can do the same with clove oils. For that, you can take a few drops of clove oil in cotton balls and put them in the entire house.

However, if nothing helps you to combat rat infestations at home, you must seek help from your professional pest controller near you. The experts will check the rat-infested area thoroughly to serve you with the best rat control solution. If needed, they can offer eco-friendly organic rat control solutions for you.

VIP Pest Management offers professionally trained pest controllers for providing solutions against rat infestation. So, if you want a detailed and professional Pest Control Adelaide solution for controlling rat infestation at home, you can seek our help. We are prompt and attentive in providing quality rat control services at an affordable price. 

Jack Brown is not just a pest controller but he has big hands in writing articles and blogs for the pest control industry. He has been part of the professional pest control training sessions and more. So, he is a certified man for your help.