Moth Control Melbourne

Moth Control Melbourne

Moths are one of the most destructive house pests. Their white and yellow larvae can cause considerable damage to clothes, furs, fabrics, and carpets. These pesky pests are 5 to 10 mm long in length, and easily recognizable by their shiny yellow-white wings.

Moths also attack and feed on human food. Round holes and irregular cavities are some of the early warning signs of moth infestation. The Mediterranean flour moth, for example, likes to feed on flour and other grinded grains. What is more, is that they also spoil fabrics by leaving yellow stains on them and by spinning large quantities of webs in stored food. And by the way, do you know that a single female moth can lay more than 200 eggs at once?

Moth Control Services

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    Moth Control and Prevention

    We highly recommend calling moth control Melbourne services as soon as you spot any sign of infestation. VIP Pest Management provides professional moth control Melbourne services all over Brisbane and Melbourne and nearby areas at most reasonable prices.

    Here are a Couple of Tips from Our Moth Pest Control Experts to Help you Prevent Moth Infestations:

    • Moths are not particularly fond of sanitary and hygienic places. Clean the clothes you don’t wear frequently at regular intervals. Same goes for your wardrobe as well.
    • Moths prefer to live and infest in dark and damp places. So don’t keep damp clothes in wardrobe without drying them off completely.
    • We know you think essential oils like peppermint, lemongrass, citronella, orange, lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, eucalyptus lemon, catnip, geranium, and basil oils can help you keep these pests at bay. But their effects are very limited. Essential oils can prevent adult moths, but have no effect on their larvae.
    • You can also spray insecticides around your property. However, this requires professional knowledge and experience as inaccurate doses can be harmful for both humans and pets.
    • Don’t store dough, grain, pastry, and flour in damp places. Always keep them in sealed containers.
    • Use dehumidifiers to make your property uninhabitable for these annoying pests.

    Residential Moth Extermination Services

    VIP Pest Management offers cheap, reliable, and effective residential moth control Melbourne services in and around Brisbane. It’s also good to inspect for moths before moving in if you plan to rent out a residential property. VIP Pest Management provides 24*7 emergency pest control services all over Melbourne.

    Our team of dedicated professionals for residential moth extermination services and our experienced technicians ensure minimal disorder to your living conditions while carrying out pest control services.

    Residential Moth Control Services

    Commercial Moth Extermination Services

    We, at VIP Pest Management, can deliver quick and reliable professional moth extermination service for all size of commercial properties. Our team of experts deliver best commercial moth removal service in Sydney and Brisbane.

    Having moth infestation problems in your factory, pub, restaurant, or store? VIP Pest Management pest controllers are just one phone call away from solving all your problems.

    With years of training and experience, our expert technicians can eliminate any number of moths from your commercial property in less than 24 hours.

    VIP Pest Management is a prominent name in pest control industry with more than 10 years of experience in providing residential and commercial moth extermination services. We have put together a team of highly skilled and trained technicians with years of experience in pest control and customer service. Our only goal is to make sure the services provided to clients are second to none.

    VIP Pest Management continuous evaluation of pest control treatments and industry standards allows it to deliver quality assured Pest Control Services. Our solutions are 100% natural and safe to use around pets and children.Our experts are available 24*7 to help you with moth infestation problems. Call us today at 03 4014 9988 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our moth control Melbourne. We also offer yearly treatment packages to ensure year round pest free environment for your property. We also provide Bed Bugs Control Services in Melbourne at a low cost.