Good pest control service

I had a bee problem under my vinyl siding. My attempts to resolve on my own were failures. I did the research, avoided the big corporate type places like Orkin - they are a way to expensive, you know, have to pay for the Super Bowl ads and such, and found Long. The tech was amazing, professional and efficient. The price was reasonable, and everything went exactly as they said it would.
- Kyle ebony

Good Skills & knowledge

The group at Vip Pest Management has the right knowledge and skills to evacuate every kind of pest that bothers the normality of our life. Their endless hard work and expertise in this field make us one of the best pest elimination services in the Australia area, permits us to handle any employment, regardless of how enormous or little.
- lachie Maddy

Great Company

VIP Pest Management is no 1 pest control company in Adelaide. I called them for bedbugs control. The team who came to my place used eco-friendly solution and removed the bedbugs. Looking at their work I can clearly say that they are very dedicated. I even liked their customer service team who are very responsive and quoted the best price for my requirement. Overall, this is a great pest control company. I am definitely going to recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.
- Rupert

Thanks to All Company's Team

Vip Pest Management саlls оr еmаіls mе tо sсhеdulе thе sеrvісе. Іf І саll thе guу thаt соmеs lосаllу tо dо mу sеrvісе, І hаvе ехсеllеnt соmmunісаtіоn. Wе саn sее іf thе tіmе іs nоt соnvеnіеnt оr mаkе sсhеdulе сhаngеs. Іf І саll thе 1-800 fоr Vip Pest Management, іt's vеrу аnnоуіng аnd dіffісult. І usеd tо bе аblе tо саll аnd tаlk wіth thеm іf thеrе nееdеd tо bе аnу сhаngеs. Вut іt gоt tо whеrе уоu hаd tо саll thе 1-800 numbеr, аnd І соuld sіt еtеrnіtу. І саn lеаvе а mеssаgе but І nеvеr knоw іf whаt І'vе trіеd tо gеt dоnе іs dоnе оr nоt. Ѕо І trу mу vеrу bеst nоt tо hаvе tо саll 1-800 Vip Pest Management. І саll thе lосаl guу аnd dеаl wіth hіm.
- Tessa James

Reliable services

Vip Pest Management Best Pest Control provides an exemplary and reliable service. The reason we are repeat customers is because of the high level of customer service and professionalism demonstrated. We have called on them on two occasions and each time, the work has been completed in a professional, informative, and efficient manner. Their knowledgeable technician has helped implement effective solutions to our pest control issues on the ground and we appreciate the efforts made to ensure great service!
- sean Tayla

"Reliable Pest Controllers"

Want to remove undesired visitants like pests from your house? Call this reliable Pest Controlling Service to get free from all of them.
- Baylen

Satisfactory Service

We got a satisfactory pest control service from the team of VIP Pest Management. They can remove the issue from the root. I have recently tried them. They investigate the matter and analyze the degree of infestation before treating it. Excellent customer service and remarkable professionalism established by everyone. I would highly recommend them to everyone who is looking for the best pest control company.
- Luke lauren

Really Supportive

We have been using this Pest Control Service for more than two years. I used to bother about many hated pests that wantonly begins to enter my home but after picking them I have permanently throw out all the pests now. Thanks to their support.
- Riley Erin

So Lucky To Find Them

I feel so lucky to find VIP Pest Management who made my place pest free. Trust me no other company provide such fine pest control service as VIP Pest Management do. I have called them and for my surprise, the team came to my place on the same day. They are very punctual and does their work with full honesty. They applied some best solution to remove the pest present in my place. I am in love with their work and recommend them to others too. Their experienced team have all the technical knowledge about the use of doses of chemical free solution. You can totally trust their services.
- Sid

”Incredible Service”

I would like to recommend VIP Pest Management services to each one of you. They are no 1 pest controllers and gives a guarantee on their service. The VIP Pest Management team provided a completely incredible and best rat control service to me at a very affordable cost. There were a lot of small rats at my place and it was becoming difficult to control them but thanks to VIP Pest Management who made my job easy. They have got amazing methods to control rats which 100%works. I had a very good experience. Thanks, guys. We are clients forever now.
- finniy

Remarkable Work

I have used VIP Pest Management services for the first time and I am just so happy with their service. They provide a very good termite control service. I have received the best result. Thank you, VIP Pest Management team. You guys really did remarkable work. I highly appreciate it and recommend them to everyone. They are cost effective and best suited for all your pest control requirement.
- Sam

Brisbane’s Trusted Pest Management

We got pest control treatment done by VIP Pest Management Brisbane last to last week. We got the whole house serviced by these professional guys. These people know their job well and are highly skilled. All my family members are extremely happy with the results and we highly recommend VIP Pest Management for effective pest control services.
- Anna Svensson

Wow, What a Great Service

Му dаughtеr-іn-lаw аnd sоn hаd Vip Pest Management, аnd І’vе bееn usіng thе соmраnу fоr sіх mоnths. Аt fіrst, І sаw sоmе rоасh bugs, but "Blewn Bown", thе tесhnісіаn, sрrауеd ехtrа tіmе аnd wе gоt rіd оf thе flеаs оut bасk. Тhеn, аll оf а suddеn, thе rоасh bugs саmе іn аnd wе gоt rіd оf thеm аs wеll. І hаvеn't sееn аnу rоасh bugs іn а whіlе аnd sіnсе thе sеrvісе, thе реst асtіvіtу hаs bееn gооd. Іrvіng dоеs wеll аnd І lіkе hіm. Не’s suсh а Swееt-hеаrt.
- Cate Blanchett

Best Services Provided

The best customer service from booking over the phone to your technician who came. I haven't had any problems since I've had my treatment - I will be recommending your company to my family and friends, thank you VIP Pest Management. highly recommended them.
- Blanchett

Helpful and Prompt staff

Have used Champion Pest control for a few years now, always prompt, courteous and helpful. Very thorough inspection, Nick the operator was very good and gave me some tips on prevention.
- Crowe

"Best Services at an Affordable Price"

Vip Pest Management is really good at performing pest control services. They gave me guaranteed pest control services. Thanks, Vip Pest Management for giving me the best services at an affordable price.
- Poppy Robertson

Biodegradable Solution

I was really worried about the solution the pest control team of VIP Pest Management would use. But when I contacted them then I got to know that they use Eco-friendly solution in their pest control procedure but I was still not sure. When the team arrived at my place to control roaches, I saw them using a biodegradable solution which is completely safe to my kids and pet. I felt happy. I really found VIP Pest Management as the best pest control company. They have a hardworking and passionate team of pest controllers. I am even happy with the result. No more cockroaches were found after the treatment. Thank you so much team for your awesome service. Keep it up.
- Eie

Best Company

The VIP Pest Management is one of the best-reputed pest control company and I am saying this out of my personal experience. They are very reliable and have got the best and experienced team to handle the pest control job. I am a happy client of VIP Pest Management and keep recommending their name to all my friends and family.
- michael samantha

Emergency Service

I am really thankful to the team of VIP Pest Management for providing me service in the emergency case. The team was there at my place within no time and used an effective solution. I can find no cockroaches after the treatment. You guys did an excellent job. Your work is highly appreciable.
- Etha

Carefull Services

Vip Pest Management has cared for our homes for more than 30 years. Their service has always been great and I'm more impressed now than ever with the clear communication from their team, the technology that they employ to map out our property and track our service and their response to 'extraordinary' requests. I trust them and would refer them to any of my friends and family without a question.
- cody Ashleigh

Best services provided

After examining photos of a pest problem I was experiencing, from Vip Pest Management, phoned me to discuss the matter. He advised how we can eliminate the pest from our home. There was no pressure to use the services of his company. I was very impressed with Vip Pest Management and professionalism. After this experience, I would certainly use the company for my annual pest control treatment.
- Oliver Nicole

Recommended Pest Controllers

VIP Pest Management are one of the most recommended pest control company in VIP Pest Management. I am their client from 4 years and even I highly recommend them. You can totally trust their staff and services. They handle the pest control job with utmost perfection and professionalism. The great thing about them is the price they charge for their pest control service is very very reasonable. Anyone can afford the services of VIP Pest Management. So whenever you need a pest control service then do not look further and hire the professional pest control services of VIP Pest Management.
- Sean

Better service

I am a working woman. I called VIP Pest Management experts and asked them for weekend pest control services in my house and they were ready to help me in the same. I would say that I got the best cockroach pest control services ever and would love to hire them again in the same situation.
- William ella

Direct best advisor

Vip Pest Management is one of the most helpful and supportive professionals I have ever met. He will help you to ensure you receive the best advice regarding the most effective pest control methods available. I would thoroughly recommend Vip Pest Management without hesitation.
- Noah Amber

Eliminate Pest manifestation

Don't get panic for the pest issue. VIP Pest Management can help you make your home pest free. I booked them last month for cockroach menace for my kitchen. I find VIP Pest is the best one. Thank god, the pest menace ended from my home. They are cost effective also. Try them once. You will get the value for your money. Thank you VIP team for your best help.
- Audrey

Wow Pest Control Treatment

Thanks VIP Pest Management for a WOW service. I called them for a routine pest inspection at my home. Since I have started using their pest control services, these guys come over every six months to keep check on my house. All my worries have gone as they complete their job in a professional manner. They come well dressed, do a thorough job, and leave the house ensuring pests don’t interfere in my peaceful life.
- Richard Bolt

Highly Affordable

I was looking for professional pest control and then I came across this company. The reviews on their page were exciting so I eventually hired them. The professionals of Vip Pest Management showed up on time. They first inspected the extent of the infestation and then used an appropriate method to treat the roaches. Their pest control procedure is amazing. Soon my place became cockroach free and I don't even have to pay a lot for it. They are highly affordable and excellent at pest control.
- Keddie

Fantastic Services

These guys have a great way of doing business, I usually mucked around with trades but these guys turned up on time and the guy who sprayed the spiders was extremely friendly. Fantastic service! A very professional company with an efficient courteous service provided. I am really impressed with their services. I will certainly recommend your business to family and friends.
- Claire Holt

Very Much Impressed

I am very much impressed with the pest controls service that I have received from the team of VIP Pest Management last Sunday. They were excellent. The team did a fantastic spider removal job at my place. They were very friendly too. I am very thankful to the team of VIP Pest Management for their mind-blowing work. Moreover, they offered me a reasonable price. You should definitely try out the affordable and best pest control services of VIP Pest Management. I am sure you will love them.
- Lio

Best Pest control Services

A few days ago, I had a rat that was living in my cupboard in my house. I treated so many ways but I was unable to get rid from this problem. There could be smell of rat in my entire cupboard and kept seeing droppings everywhere. I was very irritated with this rat problem then at that time someone suggests me to hire VIP Pest management services in Melbourne. After that I call them and after a few times they came and firstly they blocked all the holes where the rats were getting in. At that time I think they call it proofing and he put two different types of poison down. At last they were able to get rid of that disgusting smell and also from that rat. I am very thankful to this professional company and recommend in future too.
- Jack Brown

Superb Pest Control

I am so impressed by VIP Pest Management. They are the best pest controllers I have ever come across. I called them to remove spider webs from my place. The team arrived on the same day of booking and did a splendid job. I highly recommend Sparkling Cleaning Services to all people who are looking for the finest pest control service provider in the city.
- Joshua Holly

Wonderful job

We had Vip Pest Management come by to service our apartment on a Saturday morning and they did a wonderful job. The technician was right on time, friendly, informative, and was very thorough in treating our apartment. It was hassle free and with people like him, we will definitely use them again next time we need a pest service.
- will claudia

Great Company

VIP Pest Management is no 1 pest control company in Canberra. I called them for bedbugs control. The team who came to my place used eco-friendly solution and removed the bedbugs. Looking at their work I can clearly say that they are very dedicated. I even liked their customer service team who are very responsive and quoted the best price for my requirement. Overall, this is a great pest control company. I am definitely going to recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.
- Geyer

Good and Quick Services

Good and quick service at a competitive price. Quoting process was smooth. Vip Pest Management did a thorough job putting in a termite barrier at our home. The only critique is that the holes drilled in the concrete are very visible - either because the hole is larger than the plug used to cover it up, or because the plug colour does not match our driveway colour.
- Rebel Wilson

Amazing work

The VIP Pest Management employee came and sprayed my house for spiders and did an amazing job. Very professional and very thorough. The price was unbeatable. I would definitely recommend them and will use them again.
- Nathan Charlotte

Made My Home Fleas Free

Wе hаvе bееn usіng Vip Pest Management fоr уеаrs fоr twо рrореrtіеs wе оwn. Wе соuld nоt bе hарріеr. Оur tесhnісіаn іs thе bеst. Claire Martin lеts us knоw whеn hе іs оn hіs wау аnd оnсе hеrе hе іs vеrу еffісіеnt аnd frіеndlу. Аlwауs аsks іf thеrе іs аnуthіng еlsе wе mау nееd. Не dоеs аn ехсеllеnt јоb trеаtіng thе оutsіdе оf оur hоmеs. Wе nеvеr hаvе аnу рrоblеms аnd wе thаnk "Claire Martin" fоr dоіng suсh gооd јоb.
- Barry Humphries

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