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Silverfish is one of the most common pests found in Melbourne. These insects can be extremely complicated and annoying to deal with as they move very quickly when disturbed. They do this to simply avoid being detected. It takes professional skill and knowledge to locate them and their prime nests. And that’s where we, VIP Pest Management, come in. Our teams of experienced pest control experts are equipped with latest available equipment and technology required to wipe off these pesky pests from your residential and commercial property. We provide professional silverfish control Melbourne services in multiple cities including Melbourne.

These pests can do serious damage to food, wallpapers, fabrics, books, and almost anything they can digest. VIP Pest Management provides quick, reliable, and affordable silverfish pest control services in Melbourne and Sydney. You can also get in touch with our experts to get some advice on silverfish pest infestations.

Silverfish Control Services

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    How to Identify Silverfish Infestations

    • As you can guess from their name, silverfish have a silvery body which looks like a small fish.
    • Common signs of silverfish infestation include small holes and cavities in fabrics, books, cardboard boxes, and food.
    • Silverfish prefer to live in dark and damp places such as basements, laundry rooms, under sinks, and kitchen.
    • Silverfishes cast their molts during adult stage. Finding them is one of the earliest warning signs that you need Professional Pest Control Services.
    • As we said before, silverfish will eat almost everything they can find. They can even make holes in wallpapers while feeding on them.
    • Irregular tears and rips in book and bindings also indicate silverfish infestations.
    • These pests often leave yellow stains on paper and fabrics after feeding.

    Do you know that silverfish have existed on Earth for more than 100 million years? These pests have adapted their body in several ways to hide and fight against various predators.

    Silverfish Extermination and Prevention

    Prevention and control of silverfish infestations can be quite difficult if you don’t have required skill and knowledge. Most commercial pest killing sprays sold in shops and supermarkets contain poisonous chemicals which can be harmful for your pets and children. Hiring VIP Pest Management services will help you get rid of all silverfish infestation problems.

    Silverfish Pest Control

    Here are a Few Tips from Our Experts to Prevent and Control Silverfish Infestations:

    • Reduce dampness and moistness in and around the property. You should aim to make your premises as inhospitable for them as possible.
    • Use dehumidifiers to eliminate humidity inside the household as silverfishes thrive most in such environments. You can also reduce humidity by ventilating enclosed spaces, getting rid of standing water, and by simply turning on air conditioners.
    • Keep sticky and moist food items in sealed containers.
    • Vacuum cracks and splits within walls regularly.

    VIP Pest Management Silverfish Control Melbourne Services

    VIP Pest Management provides quick, effective, and reliable silverfish control Melbourne services throughout nearby areas. Get in touch with us at 03 4014 9988 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our pest control services. We also provide Moth Control Services in Melbourne at a low cost.

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