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Termite Control Melbourne: Rooting for a reliable termite control company? VIP Pest Management is linked with the best solutions for tricky termites. Moreover, our team of Termite Control Melbourne uses advanced techniques including using today’s greatest technology. And we combine them with the client’s basic requirements to provide the best results. In addition, here is what you will receive through our services:

  • Professional assistance
  • High trained technicians 
  • Handy custom care services
  • Eco friendly and non toxic chemicals 
  • Home friendly techniques 

Hence, avoid delays and book our services today. We cater to expand our termite control services range to residential areas. Call us on our toll-free number 03 4014 9988

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Rapid and Effective Termite Treatment in Melbourne

Termites are also known as white ants. In addition, they are found in a huge number in Melbourne. Hence, our team uses rapid and effective measures to treat any kind of termite infestations. 

  • Bait systems – this is a popular method used by professionals. It is an effective way of removing termite colonies. Firstly, our team will install a bait system around your home. And we monitor the baits on regular time intervals. This way the baits turn out to be super effective. And will remove possible termites and colonies. 
  • Treatment of termite infested wood – We usually use sprays,chemicals and foams to treat woods. Firstly, during the construction phase – termite wood treatment solutions are injected to prevent infestations. Secondly, after construction – infected woods are treated. 
  • Treatment of soils – Barriers and traps are installed on soils. Termites make their homes mostly in soils. That’s the first place to check for termite infestations. We will dig a ditch and treat it with termiticide. Therefore, this way we treat soils, wood and buildings to completely make your premise termite free. 

What Makes Our Termite Control Team the Finest in Melbourne? 

Looking for termite control near me? Maintain the integrity and structure of your homes. By choosing our professional home termite control services for safer and healthier homes. 

  • We offer inexpensive termite control services in Melbourne. Therefore, this will help you save money for better investments rather than spending them on termite damages. 
  • Our customer care services are available all round the clock. Hence, you can call us anytime and make your bookings.
  • In addition, we deliver speedy services.  
  • We also modify our services according to our client’s requirements. 

Our Pre-eminent List of Termite Control Services 

Our company provides a wide range of termite control services in Melbourne. Here are some to choose from:

  • Pre-purchase Termite Inspection – Consider getting a pre- purchase termite inspection service every time before you move in. Firstly, the service prevents any traces of pests and identifies if any. Secondly, if there is a termite infestation, we can treat it immediately. Moreover, we will get rid of the old and damaged wood. 
  • Same day Termite Control Services –  We also offer same day termite treatment service. All you have to do is book a quick appointment. And our customer care will send over our team as soon as possible. Hence, you can be stress free as we will complete our job quickly. 
  • Restaurant Termite Control – Restaurants and residential areas are prone to termites. Food and furniture attract them immensely. In addition, our products will keep the food storage safe in your hotels. Therefore, our termite exterminators will help you. 
  • Termite Inspection and Removal – An integrated approach saves a lot of time. Which is why we do a step to step process to terminate termites. Firstly, we inspect with advanced equipment. Secondly, we involve measures and chemicals which are effective and less time consuming. 
  • Domestic Termite Control – Domestic households are meant to be a safe place. Hence, it is not wise to compromise on health. Thus, if you spot any signs of termite infestation, call our team immediately. This will prevent future damages and reduce stress in homes. 
  • Emergency Termite Control Services – Are termites causing a roadblock to your day to day life? Our team can help you. We will safely terminate the termites. Moreover, our products will cause zero harm to your house. 

Expert Termite controllers Team in Melbourne

Hire expert best termite control team in Melbourne. We use advanced methods to treat termites. Like liquid termite treatments, fumigation processes, dry foam procedures and monitor bait systems. Expect our team to provide professional delivery of services. As we have 20 years of experience in the field of termite removal and extermination. Hence, get a lively home with no termites today. We also provide Flies Control Services in Melbourne at a low cost.

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What damages do termites cause? 

Termites cause significant damage to the structure of homes and buildings. Flooring, carpet and wall damages are common. Moreover, wood and furniture are the most affected things. 

How long does it take to remove termites from my place in Melbourne? 

What damages do termites cause?  Termites cause significant damage to the structure of homes and buildings. Flooring, carpet and wall damages are common. Moreover, wood and furniture are the most affected things. 

Can termites come back after treatment? 

After a termite treatment, there are certain measures to be taken care of. This will prevent further termites in your home. Regular inspection is necessary.