Tips To Follow For A Bug-Free Dining Experience On The Patio

Dining out is the coolest way to enjoy the good weather. Even many restaurant owners create a patio space to make this experience more joyful. But, unfortunately, these outdoor areas like porches, decks, and patios are more prone to pest attacks. Anything from ants crawling to flies buzzing can dissatisfy customers. Therefore, pest control should be a top concern for patio restaurants. So, here are pro tips by Pest Control Melbourne to make any outdoor meal insect-free and comfortable for guests.

The Buffet Techniques-

Cover With A Lid:

Do you want pests like flies and wasps to enjoy the food more than the customer? If no, then cover dishes with the lid. If the container doesn’t have a proper lid, you can use plastic wrap or foil to cover the bowl. Alternatively, you can purchase silicone lids and cotton covers that will successfully cover dishes of all sizes.

Outdoor Net For Food Cover:

The professional at Melbourne pest control suggests exceptional buffet technique, i.e., net food cover to keep bugs out from the table. Not only will it protect the food but also change the outdoor food experience for customers.

Use Some Tricks For Pests:

Of course, wasps like to hover on sweet and delicious food. But keep them out of sight using coated containers so that they don’t even know. Additionally, you can use bug-repelling fragrances or plants as decorative on the table.

The Surrounding Techniques-

Keep Outdoor Dining Space Clean:

Ensure to sweep and wipe even hard-to-reach floors, corners, and dining areas so that no spills and food crumbs are left. Many pests are attracted to garbage, so keep trash cans closed when not in use.

Make Lighting Less Attractive To Pests:

There are lights such as sodium vapor bulbs that help to keep flying insects away from the area. But, you can also talk to professionals at Melbourne for pest control and inspection.

Create A Function Landscaping:

Apart from maintaining the outdoor space, create a garden that repels bugs away from the patio. For example, plants like lavender repel mosquitoes, spiders, and moths.

Work On Removing Standing Water:

Mosquitoes and drain fly flourish in standing water. Therefore, empty water from the flower vase and change the water regularly from the fountain.

Must Have A Plan For Professional Pest Control In Melbourne

The pest management plan helps keep rodents, roaches, ants, and other pests away from the property. Additionally, your glowing stars will never fade due to pest attacks whenever an expert is there for you.


Now, you know what experts suggest to make your dining space more comfortable for guests. In addition, the tips that Pest Control in Melbourne provides are exceptionally beneficial to keep pest-free dine. But, if, in any case, you fail to manage them, take their help.

Jack Brown is not just a pest controller but he has big hands in writing articles and blogs for the pest control industry. He has been part of the professional pest control training sessions and more. So, he is a certified man for your help.